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Anything Can Happen™

Luxury Foundation Brush

Our Anything Can Happen™ Luxury Foundation Brush is a luxurious, wide-angled finishing brush that quickly covers large areas of the skin & hair, and builds rich color that blends beautifully for a truly natural, flawless look. Its ergonomic design allows for even and controlled deposit of foundation.


  • 100% said it was comfortable to use
  • 97% said it allowed for quick application of the scalp foundation
  • 97% said it allowed for natural looking application
  • 96% said it allowed for precise application
  • 96% said it allowed them to apply just the right amount of the scalp foundation

**Results observed in an independent consumer study with 71 participants conducted by The Benchmarking Company.

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Swirl the brush in the foundation. Part hair in the center and orient the brush so that the longest bristles are facing forward. Beginning about one inch behind the hairline, apply the foundation to the scalp using a stippling/dabbing motion down the length of the part. Use the remaining powder on the brush to fill in along the hairline. Sweep the brush an inch or two down the hair to seamlessly blend with hair. Repeat these steps in sections until desired coverage is achieved. To clean brush, use gentle soap and warm water and lay flat to air dry.

Microfiber Towel

100% of net profits from our A Gentle TouchTM Microfiber Towel support the fight against human trafficking.

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