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Our Founder

Welcome to the We Are ME Cosmetics community, where our mission is to transform self-consciousness into self-confidence!

No matter who you are or where your personal journey has taken you, we all face adversity. After experiencing hair thinning in my early 20s, self-consciousness and anxiety swept over me like an overwhelming wave. For years I relentlessly searched for hair loss concealers in the beauty aisles I so love, but always fell short. Over 50% of people experience hair thinning or loss yet no product shelf contain elegant cosmetic solutions that give the appearance of fuller, more abundant hair.

Faced with a choice between accepting the status quo or upping the ante in the beauty industry, I decided to expand those amazing beauty aisles with an innovative and transformative cosmetic solution to help us live life fearlessly. We Are ME Cosmetics was born to serve up a powerful gust of wind that helps us soar!

Our hero product – Can’t Stop Me Now™ The Scalp Foundation™ – is life changing for so many women and serves as a first step in the We Are ME Cosmetics mission.

Adversity can make us stronger when we recognize that there is a gift on the other side.

Camille Barreto

ME Time

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